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Like most railways, the TGR generated a lot of paper, both for its own internal use, and for public consumption.

To commemorate thirty years since the cessation of regular passenger services in Tasmania, we present a number of items from the collection of Michael Robinson related to the Tasman Limited services.

Tasman Limited brochure Tasman Limited brochure
Front cover of the 1954brochure introducing the locomotive hauled Tasman Limited Back page of the 1954 brochure
Tasman Limited brochure  
Front pages of two brochures advertising the Tasman Limited. The left hand brochure is from around 1960 while the right hand brochure is from 1975. Inside each brochure was a timetable of each trains trip from Hobart to Wynyard  
Tasman Limited ticket Tasman Limited ticket
As the Tasman Limited was an all reserved seat train, each station the stopped at had specially pre-printed tickets, This image shows a selection tickets in the common design This ticket, issues at Colebrook, uses the white card and red V but has different print layout
Tasman Limited ticket Tasman Limited ticket
It was not only stations that issued the reserved seat tickets. The top ticket was issued at Devonport Wharf while the bottom ticket was issued at the Tasmanian Tourist Bureau in Sydney In an effort to increase patronage, promotions were held to encourage travel. These tickets were for Railday Tours to Westbury and Hagley; passengers were from Burnie, Ulverstone and Devonport
Tasman Limited ticket Tasman Limited ticket
The Tasman Limited had a cafeteria incorporated into each articulated carriage, This shows meal tickets of various values that could be used at the cafeteria, or for meals that were delivered to the passenger’s seat This is an example of a carriage buffet meal tickets specifically printed with the Tasman Limited name
Tasman Limited ticket Tasman Limited ticket
When the Australian National Railways took over the Tasmanian Government Railways, meal tickets referencing the ANR act were printed. This shows a selection of three different valued meal tickets These two tickets were used on a Hobart – Ross tourist promotion, generally in the summer months. The left hand side of the ticket was collected by the tour guide in Ross
Tasman Limited ticket Tasman Limited ticket
Passengers arriving in Launceston and Hobart could pre-book a taxi to meet the train and take them to an address within a certain distance of the Railway station. The top ticket was for use in Hobart, the bottom in Launceston The practice of special reserved seat tickets was phased out in the early 1960s. In their place, paper (foil) tickets were issued. This picture shows two paper tickets issued in the last years of the running of the train


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