Exhibit - MTT Petrol & Diesel buses

The museum owns four ex HMT/MTT (Hobart) buses and one former LMT (Launceston) bus. The Launceston bus, number 361, was one of a batch of Leyland 'OPS1' type buses built in 1947. Both No.16 and No.32 are based on the AEC 'Regal' design and date from 1948 and 1952 respectively. All three of these 'half cab' buses are at present unrestored, although Nos 32 & 361 are fairly complete and can be driven around the site for maintenance purposes.

Of the restored buses, number 249 was built by City Bodyworks using a Bedford 'SB3' type chassis. It entered service in Hobart in 1971 and operated throughout the city before being replaced by more modern buses, finally being replaced by newer buses and donated to the museum in the 1980s. It is fully restored and operational when required. Like the two trolley buses, 249 is finished in a dark green livery, similar to the Hobart trams in later years.

Bus number 601 was built by Leyland National in England, and operated in Hobart from 1975 until it was acquired by the museum in the early 1990s. It is the only vehicle in the collection to carry the orange colour scheme used by the MTT from the 1970s until recently.

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