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Trolley bus 235  on display at the museum, 1999 . Photo: Stuart Dix
Trolley bus 235 on display at the museum, 1999 . Photo: Stuart Dix

The museum owns two Hobart trolley buses, numbers 74 and 235. Number 74 has a body constructed by the then Tramway Workshops mounted onto a chassis manufactured by Leyland in England. This batch of buses are known as Canton buses, as the completed chassis were to go to China, but were sold to other cities due to the outbreak of the second world war. Number 74 was donated to the society by the Metropolitan Transport Trust in 1964.

The second, number 235 (illustrated above) consists of a body constructed by City Bodyworks (of Hobart) and a British United Traction (BUT) chassis, and was built in 1952. Number 235 was the last trolley bus to operate in Tasmania, and did so on 24 November 1968. It was quickly purchased by the museum, and later restored by the MTT.

Although the buses are operational, the museum has no overhead wires erected and they are on static display only.

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