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Over the years the Tasmanian Transport Museum has built up an extensive array of exhibits for its Glenorchy museum. The main details of the railway exhibits are given in the table below. Further information can be obtained by using the link in the Class/Number column. In addition to the exhibits on this list are a number of diesel buses, trolley buses, a variety of other road vehicles and many larger and smaller items.

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Trolley Buses

Class / Number Origin Type In service Acquired Status / Notes
235 MTT  Chassis: BUT Body: City Bodyworks  1953  1968  Last Trolley Bus to run in Tasmania 
74 MTT  Chassis: Leyland Body: HMT  1942  1964  Known as 'Canton' type. Donated by MTT 


Class / Number Origin Type In service Acquired Status / Notes
16 MTT  AEC Regal  1948  1976   
249 MTT  Chassis: Bedford 'SB3' Body: City Bodyworks  1971  1988  Donated by MTT 
32 HMT  Chassis: AEC Regal Mk III, Body: HMT Workshops  1952  2008  Unrestored 
361 LMT  Leyland Tiger  1947  1976  Half cab 
601 MTT  Leyland National (UK)  1975  1992  Donated by MTT 
ACE No. 18 Ace Bus Service  Freighter - Hino  1965  2006   
Chevrolet Side loader bus Wise's Coaches  Chassis: Chevrolet, Body: Cramp Bros for WRA  1942  1992   
TAA AEC Reliance TAA  Chassis: AEC Reliance, Body: MBA  1956  1985   

Road vehicles

Class / Number Origin Type In service Acquired Status / Notes
AJS motorcycle     1930  1974   
Diesel road roller  KQ  A.H McDonald 'Imperial'    1978   
Fire engine  ex Burnie  Dodge  1934    Currently on loan to Burnie Fire Brigade 
Small road roller CCC  Wallace & Stevens 'Advance'    1978   
Steam Roller PWD  Aveling & Porter, England    1990  On loan from Works Tasmania 
Tower Wagon No. 3 MTT  Bedford D5LD  1959  1999  Laterly Marine Board of Hobart 
Tower Wagon No. 7 MTT  Fargo FL4  1948     
Traction engine PWD  Robey & Company, England  1929    On loan from Dept. of State Growth; Operational 

Steam Technology

Class / Number Origin Type In service Acquired Status / Notes
Generator  Warang (Tug)  Healing  c1940     
Marine Engine  Sorrento (Ferry)  Tripple expansion steam engine  1909     
Mill Engine  K&D timber mill  Semi-portable Marshall mill engine, 30 nhp  1913     


Class / Number Origin Type In service Acquired Status / Notes
Delivery Bicycles           
Loaned items          
Tar Pot   British Hardware & Metalurgy, Calcutta, India       
Turbo-jet engine  RAAF  Rolls Royce Derwent Mk. 8      Originally fitted to a Gloster Meteor aircraft 

Abbreviations used

ANM Australian Newsprint Mills
BUT British United Traction
CCC Clarence City Council
EBR Emu Bay Railway
HMT Hobart Municipal Tramways (Merged with LMT to become MTT)
KQ Donated by Kevin Quon / Glenorchy Quarries
LFB Launceston Fire Board
LMT Launceston Municipal Tramways (later part of MTT)
MLM&R Co Mt Lyell Mining and Railway Company
MTT Metropolitan Transport Trust (later renamed Metro Tasmania)
PWD Public Works Department (Now Works Tasmania)
TGR Tasmanian Government Railways
TMLR Tasmanian Mainline Railway Company

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