Railway Line information

The Tasmanian railway network evolved over many years, with each line having its own history. To find information on a particular line, choose from the list below. This is a work in progress and different lines will be written up over time

Apsley line Sorell Line Main line Bell Bay line Mole Creek line Far Western line Map of lines
Southern area
      Main Line
  Derwent Valley Line
  Bellerive Sorell Line
  Apsley Line
  Oatlands Line
  Fingal Line
  Hobart Suburban branches
  Lune River (2' gauge)
Northern Area
  Western Line
  North East Line
  Mole Creek Line
  Bell Bay Line
  Sheffield Line
  Melrose Line
  Nietta Line
North Western area
      Far Western Line
  Preolenna Line
  Irishtown Trowutta Line
  Marrawah Tram
West Coast
  Emu Bay Railway
  Zeehan - Strahan Line
  North Mt Lyell Railway
  Mt Lyell Mining & Railway Company
  Zeehan - Dundas Railway
  North Mt Farrell Tram (2' gauge)
  North East Dundas Tramway (2' gauge)

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