Tasmanian Articles in AMRM

Over the past 45 years, many articles about Tasmanian railways have been published in the Australian Model Railway Magazine. This is a complete list of articles specifically Tasmanian, although there are many more articles in which the ideas or techniques are applicable, or are useful for reference when similar items existed in other states.

Each article has been placed into one of six main categories for easy location.


The Granville Railway
By Max Chandler
June 1986 (Issue 138), page 29
Inspired by the North East Dundas Tramway, this freelanced Sn2 layout was set on Tasmania's West coast, and used a variety of modified rolling stock
4 photos
Glenrose layout
By Michael Dix, Stuart Dix & Steve Williams
February 2000 (Issue 220), page 17
This 9 m  by 1.8 m exhibition layout operates a large selection of scratch built, 4 mm scale, TGR and Tasrail era models. Although not based on any one location, this layout has many typical Tasmanian features.
1 plan and 18 photos

A page of photographs had previously appeared in Issue 184 on page 26
East Tamar layout
By Michael Dix & Steve Williams
August 2008 (Issue 271), page 16
Built as the replacement for the layout Genrose, East Tamar is a 10.5m x 3m exhibition layout based on the maintenance workshops and marshalling yard in the Launceston suburb of Newstead. It operates a large selection of scratch built, 4 mm scale, TGR and Tasrail era models.
1 plan and 19 photos


W class diesel hydraulic
October/November 1964 (Issue 10), page 27
The two W class shunters were the TGR’s only diesel-hydraulic locos, which despite their apparent shortcomings, lasted into the early 1980s.
1 plan & 1 photo

A letter and photograph giving more information appeared in issue 12 on page 22
Locomotives of the Emu Bay Railway / Emu Bay Railway 4-8-0 locomotive
By Phillip Graham
April/May 1965 (Issue 13), page 26
Built to handle traffic over its private railway from Burnie to Zeehan on Tasmania’s west coast, the Emu Bay Railway had a fleet of four 4-8-0 locomotives built by Dübs and Co. of Glasgow in 1900 and 1911.
1 plan and 5 photos
Narrow gauge super power
By Phillip Graham
November/December 1973 (Issue 63), page 18
Dealing with the R & RA classes of the Western Australian Government Railways, and the Z class of the Tasmanian Government Railways, this article looks at the differences between the 22 similar locos delivered to their respective owners between 1968 and 1972. Reference is also made to the 45 similar Queensland 1300 class locos, but no plan is included for this type.
2 plans and 6 photos
A Class 4-4-0 locomotive
By Tony Parnell
July/August 1976 (Issue 79), page 39
This article includes plans of both rebuilt and unrebuilt locomotives (as well as a dimensioned diagram), and detail photos of the only preserved member of the class.
3 plans and 8 photos.
B Class 4-4-0 locomotive
By Tony Parnell
March/April 1977 (Issue 83), page 36
The B class locos locos were the first type of passenger engine built for the TGR. The photos included with the plan show the locos in original and final condition
1 plan and 4 photos
Locomotives of the North East Dundas Tramway
By Tony Parnell & John Bevan
November/December 1977 (Issue 87), page 19
Despite its name, this article starts with a description of this 2’ gauge line and ends with a carriage plan. Four types of loco were used on this TGR-owned line, including the unusual Hagans J class, the pioneering K class garratts, the typical small Krauss locos and the elegant G class Sharp Stewarts.
5 plans and 9 photos
T Class 4-8-0 locomotive
By Michael Dix & Tony Parnell
December 1982 (Issue 117), page 22
In 1921 six T class locos were purchased by the TGR from the South Australian Railways. The text and plan give details of the locos as they arrived, and ended their lives in Tasmania. Details of the South Australian locos appeared in issues 113 and 115 (April and August 1982). An addendum appears in Issue 123 on page 35.
1 plan and 5 photos
DL531 in Australia — Part 2
By Michael Dix & Phil Curnow
August 1984 (Issue 127), page 31
In three sections, this article looks at the differences between the NSW 48 class and the SAR 830s, some details of South Australian based units, and extensive notes about all locos then in Tasmania. Includes two pages of photos in colour. Other parts of this series have dealt with the loco type in New South Wales, and on the Silverton Tramway.
25 photos
The TGR U class Diesel Mechanical Locomotive
By Michael Parker
October 2006 (Issue 260), page 39
Michael Parker of Milestone Miniatures gives an insight into the prototype of his new 7mm scale kit of this useful little loco and gives a look at the reasons for choosing it for reproduction. Details and photographs of Tony Parnell’s 4mm scale model of the class are also included.
1 plan and 8 photos


Off the shelf kit for Tassie modeller
By Michael Dix
February 1983 (Issue 118), page 44
This article looks at the prototype CE class wagon, and modifications required to the OB class wagon kit made by BGB to represent this class.
3 photos

An addendum appears in Issue 119 on page 27

Page 12
April 1986 (Issue 137), page 12
October 1986 (Issue 140), page 12
February 1987 (Issue 142), page 12
In three parts, this series has photographs of 20 items of rolling stock, mostly scratch built or heavily modified by Michael Dix in 4mm scale.
6 photos, 7 photos & 5 photos respectively
Building a Tasmanian B class steam engine
By Tony Parnell
Issue 168, page 51
This short article briefly describes the process of building a TGR steam loco in 4mm scale and some of the problems encountered.
1 photo
Some tank wagon conversions in 4 mm scale
By Michael Dix & Steve Williams
October 1991 (Issue 170), page 46
Like most other states, the TGR and later AN had a fleet of tank wagons that could easily be represented by available models.  This article describes the conversion of a TGR oil tank and two AN clay tankers from Powerline and Life-Like models. Prototype information on similar wagons is also included.
12 photos and 1 plan
Detailing the Tiger Models TGR C class open wagon kit
By Bill Dive
June 1993 (Issue 180), page 32
The first release of this HOn3½ wagon kit was somewhat coarse and included only major parts. This article deals with assembly and detailing of the kit.
5 photos 2 plans
Model Gallery - Emu Bay Railway in HOn3½
By Andrew Collier
February 2010 (Issue 280), page 34
Photographs of some of the authors collection of Emu Bay Railway models
Launceston Exhibition 2016
By Stuart Dix
April 2017 (Issue 323), page 34
Photographs of a number of layouts on display at this exhibition


The railways of Tasmania
March/April 1968 (Issue 31), page 20
A brief look at the Tasmanian railways of the time, including listing of major stations on the Main and Western lines, the Tasman Limited train and other major developments
2 maps
Steam Era — Tasmania
By Ian Cutter
September/October 1978 (Issue 92), page 38
Published as part of a series covering all states, this instalment lists the period of operation of the TGR’s steam locomotive classes, and in addition to a very brief description of each class, has a list of references to other publications (up to the late 1970s only) where more details or photos may be found.
Kimberley Goods Shed
By Jeff Moonie & David Howarth
May/June 1981 (Issue 108), page 42
The goods shed at Kimberley on the Western Line was unusual in having timber sides, although similar buildings existed elsewhere of corrugated iron construction.
3 photos and 1 plan
Locomotive colour schemes - AN's Tasmanian Region
By Michael Dix
September/October 1981 (Issue 110), page 30
A short listing of locos carrying the five different colour schemes then in use by AN in Tasmania.
AN's corporate image in Tasmania
By Michael Dix
April 1983 (Issue 119), page 47
Details the initial repaints for locos and rolling stock in Tasmania into the national AN colour scheme.
5 photos
Colourful Diesels: Tasmania
By Michael Dix
June 1986 (Issue 138), page 20
Photographs and details of the variety of colour schemes used by the TGR and ANR in Tasmania from the 1950s to the mid 1980s.
5 photos
A TGR standard station
By Michael Dix
October 1986 (Issue 140), page 26
The TGR has a number of standard station types, and this article deals with the 'L' type, in each of its styles and locations. Plans of the 60' building at Leith are also included.
1 plan and 7 photos
TGR passenger car livery
By Jim Stokes
February 1995 (Issue 190), page 30
Four colour photos of side door carriages in the 1960s, wearing the TGR’s lined and unlined green liveries, and also a camp carriage, together with expanded captions.
5 photos
Listing of colour schemes
By Tony Parnell
October 1995 (Issue 194), page 31
This listing gives the common colour schemes for all types of rolling stock, and some suggestions for suitable paints. An addition appeared in February 1996 (Issue 196) on page 54.
TGR Steam locomotives — colour schemes
By Jim Stokes
October 1997 (Issue 206), page 29
Similar to the passenger car article (above), this article has photos of the three steam loco colour schemes in use during the 1950s and 1960s (black, green and red).
5 photos
Beyond the Fence - Scottsdale, Tasmania
By Geoff Collis
February 2018 (Issue 328), page 32
Photograph and notes about the Scottsdale Co-operative Dairy Company building that was located adjacent to Scottsdale yard from 1911 to 1935

Rolling Stock

E class 4 wheel van
C class 4 wheel open
By Norm Coughlan
September/October 1966 (Issue 22), page 27
The plans represent the early, outside braced E van design and the standard wooden C class open wagon.
2 plans and 2 photos
A Class open wagon
By Paul Raspin
January/February 1975 (Issue 70), page 29
The A class wagon was a small, two plank open wagon and in their 90 year lifespan carried all sorts of cargo around the TGR and private systems in Tasmania.
1 plan and 1 photo
Horse boxes of the TGR
By Tony Parnell
January/February 1978 (Issue 88), page 24
This article features plans of the H class cattle wagon, and HB and HBG class horse boxes, with some brief notes on the history of the vans.
4 plans and 1 photo
Stock wagons of the TGR — Part 1
By Ross Hurley & Tony Parnell
November/December 1980 (Issue 105), page 17
This part deals with the three types of bogie or fixed wheelbase cattle wagon used by the TGR (H, HA & HC classes).
2 plans and 5 photos
Stock wagons of the TGR — Part 2
By Ross Hurley & Tony Parnell
March/April 1981 (Issue 107), page 36
The second part of this article deals with the Grover bogie cattle & sheep wagons (HG) and the fixed wheelbase I class sheep vans.
3 plans and 6 photos

An epilogue by Michael Dix appears in Issue 107 on page 41, bringing the article up to date with details of disposals then occurring

C class elephant wagons of the TGR
By Michael Dix
July/August 1981 (Issue 109), page 43
This article deals with the 641 strong C class open wagon fleet in general, with some specific notes on the 8 wagons modified for use with circus trains. Modelling notes are also included.
1 plan and 7 photos
B class open wagon
By Michael Dix
November/December 1981 (Issue 111), page 34
The B class wagons of the TGR were a group of 15 wooden-bodied, short wheelbase four wheel open wagons. An accompanying article gives modelling notes on this, and similar types of wagon
1 plan and 8 photos
Emu Bay Railway - C class wagon
By Roger Johnson
Issue 113, page 29
Some of the shortest wheel base four wheel wagons in Australia were owned by the Emu Bay Railway and North Mt Lyell Railway on Tasmania's west coast. This article deals with the 'C' class open wagons rebuilt by the EBR.
1 plan and 3 photos
FP Pine log wagons
By Michael Dix
August 1983 (Issue 121), page 21
This article takes a look at the pine log wagons used in Tasmanian from the late 1970s onward. Various styles of wagon and their origins are detailed.
2 plans and 13 photos
EE, EEE & FN wagons
By Michael Dix
December 1983 (Issue 123), page 27
This article deals with two of the large types of bogie vans used by the TGR, and with some of the later conversions to container wagons.
3 plans and 11 photos
DB class guards van — Part 1
By Michael Dix
August 1985 (Issue 133), page 42
The first of two parts, this section looks at the history of the DB vans, gives details applicable to the whole fleet, and then deals specifically with the ‘standard’ vans.
1 plan and 16 photos
DB class guards van — Part 2
By Michael Dix
February 1986 (Issue 136), page 36
The second part of this series, this section deals with the variety of non-standard designs and narrow gauge vans.
6 plans and 12 photos
The TGR ABL composite carriage
By Bill Dive
August 1994 (Issue 187), page 50
The TGR had many different types of side door carriages, this plan being of the lavatory fitted, clerestory roofed, composite, ABL type. A plan supplemented by a few overall views and many detail photos of similar types of carriage makes this article useful from more than just this type of carriage.
1 plan and 18 photos
Roadrailers in Tasmania
By Michael Dix
December 2002 (Issue 237), page 52
Between 1993 and 1996, Tasrail operated a small fleet of Roadrailer vehicles. This article deals with the history of the 9 vehicles that came to Tasmania, as well as events leading up to their adoption and the reasons for their early demise. Articles in issues 235 and 236 (August & October 2002) dealt with the Roadrailers in other states, and their modelling.
6 photos

Track Plans

Prototype trackplan — Powranna
By Tony Parnell
September/October 1980 (Issue 104), page 28
Located on the main line between Hobart and Launceston, Powranna boasted a stock loading area and a station building, plans of which are included in the article, as are some typical train consists for 1977.
3 plans and 6 photos
Prototype trackplan — St Marys
By Michael Dix
August 1982 (Issue 115), page 20
St Marys was the terminus for the 75 km long Fingal branch line in Tasmania's northernmidlands. Included with the article is a track plan and photos of many buildings around the station area .
3 plans and 12 photos



Thanks to all those people who wrote the articles in the first place, and those who publish the magazine for making room for them!

This list was compiled by Stuart Dix in December 1999 and subsequent revisions to October 2006, and is © copyright


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