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Cover Design of Tasmanian Rail News

Published by the Australian Railway Historical Society - Tasmanian Division, the magazine Tasmanian Rail News (commonly known as TRN) covers all aspects of Tasmanian railways. Details of the current issue are given below, as is a brief history of the magazine. An index and list of back issues is also available (PDF Format).

Tasmanian Rail News is produced entirely by volunteers in their spare time, so the publication schedule is somwhat ad-hoc. The magazine covers news up to the end of the cover month, so that the issue appearing in October covers items up to the end of August, and is called the August issue. All subscriptions are on the basis of a four issue cycle, rather than for a fixed 12 month basis.

Some features of issue 261 include:

  • Operational reports

  • Part four of My Life on the Railways

  • The TGRs "Armoured Train"

  • Analysis of current Tasrail train running

  • Preservation reports

  • And news on all aspects of Tasmanian railways

Left: It is now over 30 years since the ZC class locos arrived in Tasmania. For a short period these locos dominated train working but their numbers dwindled as traffic declined and the DQ locos arrived. 1314 (ZC15) is unloaded at Bell Bay on 31 October 1988 [Michael Dix]

Recent issues

Recent issues have included articles on the B class locomotives of the TGR, the Brighton transport hub, current locomotive fleet, Sharps Siding, Looking back at the Tasman Limited, West Coast Wilderness Railway rollingstock, PNT's wagon fleet, MKA CLass locomotives, steam locomotive P1, Corridor passenger trains on the TGR, Hobart Regatta trains, as well as news on Tasrail and the various preservation groups. For full details see the index and back issues list.

Cover Gallery

For images of recent covers, and links to the photographs, please see the TRN covers page

How can I buy TRN?

TRN is available from the following outlets in Australia at a recommended retail price of $7.50:

Copies are also available in New Zealand from New Zealand Railfan Magazine

Or by subscription . . .

TRN can also be obtained direct from the publishers. Subscription costs for within Australia are $32.00 for a four issue cycle, and covers issues 262 to 265. Tasmanian subscriptions include membership to the ARHS Tasmanain division. As a guide, International subscription rates for this year were $AUS46 (New Zealand) and $AUS56 (Rest of world).

The ARHS have range of back copies of TRN available, covering many issues over the past ten years. Our back issues list also lists the articles and photographs contained in each issue.

A brief history of Tasmanian Rail News

Tasmanian Rail News (TRN) was first published in 1965 as the News Sheet of the Tasmanian Subdivision of the Australian Railway Historical Society and was started less than a year after the official formation of the division.

Some of the news from the first issue included all Q class locomotives (with the exception of Q5) having been scrapped (12 since May of 1965), the five operable H class locomotives had run 10 898 miles (17 437 km) in 12 months, and that the Rosebery-Zeehan section of the Emu Bay Railway was to be closed from the 14th of August (1965).

The title Tasmanian Rail News was first used on issue 36 (July 1968), with the previous title being Rail News, although with Tasmanian Rail News appearing more as a description of the magazine. In April 1988 (issue 161) glossy paper was first used, and in July 1992 (issue 182) two-colour covers were introduced. Early 1998 saw issue 200 published as a book to celebrate 30 years of publication, and later in 1998 issue 202 was the first to be produced with a full colour cover. From early 2003 (Issue 220), colour back covers were also used, and in 2010 extra colour pages were added in the centre of the magazine. A full colour magazine was finally produced in 2012.



For queries regarding Tasmanian Rail News  or membership of the ARHS, please contact the Secretary by e-mail at or by writing to:

The Secretary
ARHS Tasmania
PO Box 162
Sandy Bay
Australia 7006

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