Zeehan and Dundas Railway

Also known as: Mt Dundas and Zeehan Railway
From: Rayna Junction (Junction with Emu Bay Railway)
To: Maestris
Opened: 1892
Closed: 1932
Status: Closed & lifted
Total length: 10.4 km (6½ miles) including branch


The line was commenced in 1891 and was promoted by a private company – the Mt Dundas and Zeehan Railway Company, who set about arranging construction. The line opening in early 1892 and junctioned end on with the TGR’s line from Strahan to Zeehan. Although privately owned, an agreement was reached so as the TGR operated and maintained the line, providing all staff and equipment. In 1899 the line was purchased by the Emu Bay Railway company, and in 1900 the first 1.5km of the Dundas line became part of the line from Burnie to Zeehan. Despite the sale, the line continued to be operated under contract by the TGR until 1931, after which the EBR ran the line for year before closure. The line was lifted during World War Two.

Traffic on the line dwindled after 1913 with the closure of most mines in the area, reducing to mixed trains twice a week from 1916, then one day a week in 1922 before becoming “as required” and eventually closure. As with the TGR’s Strahan line, initially ex TMLR locomotives and rollingstock were used, later gaining new TGR standard stock as additional items were available - generally a C class steam locomotive and assorted four wheel wagons from either the TGR or EBR.


After leaving the junction with the Emu Bay Railway, the line curved through almost 180 degrees and to head south as it passes through the ridge. The line then turns northwest (approximately where the Zeehan road joins the highway today), and followed a route roughly along the alignment of today’s highway. Once clear of the next hill, the line turns East and climbs along the relatively easy (by west coast standards) sides of the valley until the terminus is reached. Once the highway is left, large sections of the current Dundas Road are along the old railway formation, and some relics can be seen where not overgrown.

Branch lines and Junctions

Brewry Junction - junction for spur line to Adelaide Mine

Time Table

From the 1916 Working Time Table

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