From the late 1990s to the mid 2000s, train 43 mostly conveyed loaded coal and wagons from the Launceston, and the Fingal region to the paper mill at Boyer. Running sound during the early afternoon, it had a diverse range of locos over the years, but was generally a two man train, and was a regular haunt of the ZA class. Clip 1: With the light rapidly fading on 3 July 2001, ZA2115, ZA2117 & ZA2118 lead a southbound train 343 up the grade between Brighton and Rogerville. The loading of this train consisted of the usual coal and pine logs for the paper mill at Boyer. Clip 2: On 7 November 2001, ZA2115, ZA2116 & ZA2118 lead train 443 southwards out of Ross. Empty container wagons (from Bell Bay/East Tamar workshops) for loading at Boyer and empty log wagons for Rogerville show some of the other loadings that were carried on this train over the years. The Tasmanian Transport Museums M5 and passenger train, which was returning home after a charter the day before can be seen in the loop.
Photographer: Stuart Dix

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