Modified CCC wagons

The CCC class were a varied group of around 150 general purpose open wagons constructed to a number of designs between 1925 and 1959. Early wagons had low sides each with two doors like the smaller CC class; later wagons had high sides with two or five doors in each side and a variety of undeframe styles.

The wagons formed a useful basis for conversion to other classes, including CSC & CCA class superphosphate wagons, CD class open wagons, FD, FH & FT flat wagons and various modifications that retained the CCC classification. This page includes photographs of a number of wagons in the last category

Sleeper Wagons: A number of CCC wagons were converted to carry sleepers, mostly at the time that the TGR was building the Bell Bay line. This included a batch of five wagons (CCC 34, 48, 51, 54 & 62) which were converted to the longer/wider CD frame design. These later ran as sleeper wagons still with the CCC and later FT classification. A number of other CCC wagons just had their sides and ends cut off and sleeper bolsters added to the deck for sleeper traffic and also ran with their old numbers before being eventually renumbered into the FT class. Wagon numbers included 27, 32, 35, 37, 40 and 45. CCC58 was also a sleeper wagon, but to be different this wagon still had ends (as in the CC to FS conversions).

CCC 40 at Parattah

CCC 58 at Launceston

CCC 62 at Conara Junction

Timber wagons: CCC107 was converted to carry timber mill waste, and was later followed by wagons CCC 102, 122, 137 and 144 that had their doors removed for the same traffic, but these did not get raised ends like CCC107

CCC 102 at Hobart

CCC 107 at Conara Junction

CCC 122 at South Burnie

CCC 144 at Launceston

Other wagons:

CCC 125 at Launceston
By comparison, CCC125 was a relatively unmodified wagon, although it had the small panels above the side doors removed to limit its use in bulk traffics

TGR Diagram W64 - High sided / five door CCC wagon
TGR Diagram W64 - High sided / five door CCC wagon (CCC101 to CCC156) from which many of these vehicles were converted


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