Modelling the railways of Tasmania

Resources and Finding Information

Detailed information on Tasmanian railways is available, but isnít always easy to locate. This page endeavours to list some of the major and more easily obtainable sources split up into a number of major categories.

General sources


Rolling stock

Infrastructure, Railway Line and track plans


The TGR published a number of books to support their operations. The most notable of these are the Working Timetables, the General Appendix and the Rule books (or later names). Each of these books contain information useful for modelling purposes, such as train marshalling and running (WTT) and restrictions and operation requirements at specific stations (GA).

Notes on specific sources

Ex Emu Bay Railway material is held at the Pioneers Museum in Burnie, while the Archives Office of Tasmania holds some ex Mt Lyell material, including diagrams

Pacific National has advised that they are unable to provide material or assistance in this area, and that people should not attempt to enter yard areas or attempt other activities not available to the general public.


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