Modelling the railways of Tasmania

What is available?

This list outlines the various pieces of rolling stock available to modellers of Tasmanian prototype. The three major scale/gauge combinations  used to represent 3'6" gauge are dealt with individually in increasing size. Two foot gauge items that would be suitable for Tasmanian prototypes are listed separately

The small number in each category, and spread of eras depicted mean that whatever the choice of scale, extensive compromise, kit bashing and/or scratch building will still be required to achive a proper balance.

Links to manufacturers web-sites can be found here

HOn3 Scale

Combining the popular 3.5mm:1 foot of HO scale with 12mm gauge track first developed for TT gauge gives a close representation of the correct narrow gauge. The availability of suitable track and running gear is limited and expensive, but increasing.

Black Diamond Models

Ian Lindsay Models

Wuiske Models


Broad Gauge Bodies


Tasman Models (also trading as WD Models)

These kits are no longer available new


OO or 4mm Scale

Using standard 16.5mm gauge track with 4mm scale bodies, the gauge comes out 2.5mm too wide, although many HO scale bogies and wagons now come out to being very close to size for their narrow gauge prototypes. The availability of many useful items in 4mm scale for the UK maket has made OO a popular choice for modellers, particularly when building larger prototypes such as bogie vehicles or large collections of stock. The similarity in physical size of the models has also made this a popular choice for those wishing to have collections of Tasmanian models and standard gauge prototype sharing a layout.

Many HO scale detail parts can be used, particularly where the are produced oversize for strength, or where smaller styles were used in Tasmania


Local modeller Simon Handby has sold small numbers of 4mm scale kits at various Tasmanian Exhibitions. Kits sold have included X class locomotives, DB class guards vans, CA and CC class bogie open wagons, and A, C and D class four wheel open wagons.

Bachmann Branchlines

Other conversions


Sn3 Scale

Another scale with the correct track gauge, and probably the longest established. Most HO scale bogies available are too small for use in S scale. Compared to the other scales, little in the way of products or components are available, other than from specialist American, Australian or New Zealand suppliers of S scale items.

A magazine devoted to this scale is available called Australian Sn Modeller


Vanguard Kitsets

Alwyn Models

O Scale

Milestone Miniatures

O-Aust Kits / Bergs Hobbies

Bachmann produce a lovely, although expensive model of the British Rail 04 class shunter in their Brassworks line. As with the OO scale model, some modifications would be required to represent the TGR V class

2' Gauge Prototypes

Useful parts

HO Scale

OO Scale

S Scale


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