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10 Class

EBR outline diagram for 10 class locos

Following positive experiences from the unusual PVH locomotive (later Number 21), the Emu Bay Railway (EBR) again went looking for diesel-powered units to finally replace steam power, albeit in a somewhat more conventional form of locomotive. Initially plans were to purchase locomotives from Tuloch in NSW, but the order was eventually filled by Walkers Ltd in Queensland, and in 1963 three diesel-hydraulic locomotives were landed in Burnie. They shared some aspects with large shunters previously delivered to BHP in South Australia, and the successfully development of the 10 class led in turn to the development of the Queensland DH class and in turn the later EBR11 class. Three years after the initial delivery, a fourth unit was constructed by the TGR (partly from spare parts on hand) and joined the rest of the class running south through the West Coast mountains.

Following the introduction of the 11 class, the 10s were fitted with automatic couplers and multiple unit connections, and generally used as non driving centre units. In April 1998, the four 10 class were sold with the railway to ATN-Tasrail. All units were placed into storage in Burnie during June 2000 following closure of the Hellyer mine, although 1002 was later returned to traffic. Three units were sold in April 2001 to interstate buyers, while 1002 was donated to the Don River Railway in late 2001.



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EBR outline diagram for 10 class locos
Having arrived from Zeehan, 1002 waits at the head of the motley collection of <i>West Coaster</i> c
1001 and the <i>West Coaster</i> pauses at Rosebery, January 1964
In June 1979, 1004 hauls a rake of concentrate wagons through the tippler at Burnie
1001 is in its accustomed position as middle unit at Primrose, March 1982
Recently repainted, 1004 sits outside the EBR station at Burnie waiting for its next job in March 19
1003 waits in the Emu Bay yard at Burnie, Januaru 1999
1002 stands outside the Don River Railway workshops on 23 August 2003
As part of the ARHS annual general meeting in August 2003, a special photographic train was operated
Former EBR loco 1001 is now owned by the Walhalla Goldfields Railway in Victoria's Gippsland region.
1004 at the Zig Zag Railway near Lithgow, New South Wales in November 2009. Following its preservati
1002 undergoes restoration work at the Don River Railway, November 2011
Former Emu Bay Railway locomotive 1002 runs around its train at Coles Beach station on the Don River
Former Emu Bay Railway locomotive 1002 runs around its train at Coles Beach station on the Don River
Former Emu Bay Railway locomotive 1002 at Coles Beach station on the Don River Railway, December 201


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