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A1507 on Bell Bay wharf shortly after unloading

A1507 was built in 1964 for the Western Australian Government Railways, and ran in Western Australia until withdrawal and sale to New Zealand in 1998. This locomotive accompanied the first two DQ class to Tasmania to be used as a spare parts source, and had progressively had major components removed for refurbishment and use as spares for the DQ class locos.

This loco carried a faded version of the Westrail orange colour scheme, and was stored off bogies at Launceston's East Tamar workshops, before being scrapped in early 2001.

A further nine of these locos obtained at the same time remained in store in New Zealand, but were not used.


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A1507 is swung over the ships side and toward Tasmanian soil, September 1998
Drivers position of A1507 on delivery, September 1998
The shunter watches as ZC2145 eases up to try and couple onto A1507 at Bell Bay wharf, September 199
A1507 on Bell Bay wharf shortly after unloading
After five months in the state, A1507 is already being stripped of many parts including its bogies a


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