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Linmac Road/Rail shunter

The smallest piece of motive power in the current PNT fleet is a road/rail

To shunt locomotives at the new East Tamar workshops, AN Tasrail purchased an Australian built Road/Rail shunting vehicle from Linmac in early 1994

The vehicle is pivoted in the centre and steered (or secured) hydraulically, giving the vehicle good manoeuvrability on road when moving around the workshops or positioning over the rails when changing modes. The Tasrail unit has spent most of its time shunting locomotives and wagons around the East Tamar workshop's complex

A similar vehicle was purchased by Brambles around 1995 to shunt the loaded paper wagons at Boyer, although the heavy rakes resulted in this duty being taken over by the Railways and a Y class locomotive initially substituted. After many years in storage, this unit was purchased by Pacific National and moved interstate, possibly to Queensland.

These vehicles were based on the firms' successful line of small cranes but only a small number of railway units were built, including at least three units as country shunters for Queensland Rail and one to assist with suburban train maintenance in New South Wales.


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Brambles Industrial Services initially used a small road/rail shunting unit at the Boyer paper mill
The smallest piece of motive power in the current PNT fleet is a road/rail
A shunting tractor moves container wagons around the wagon workshops at East Tamar, August 2005
The Linmac shunter tows ZA2118 and DQ2011 around East Tamer workshops. August 2005
The Linmac shunter waits for its next move outside the main workshop building at East Tamer. Decembe


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