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21 Class

EBR outline diagram for loco 21

Faced with a steam locomotive fleet that was becoming too old and expensive to operate, the Emu Bay Railway purchased a diesel-hydraulic locomotive from Great Britain in 1953, with the intent of replacing steam locomotives on the mainline. When in service, PVH 1 (the PVH classification standing for Paxman Voith Hydraulic) spent time running mainline trains, but after some time it was shown that although diesel locomotives were the best way, this design of loco was not.

PVH 1 was supplement and then replaced on the mainline by more surplus TGR garratts, the 10 class diesles, and with the delivery of the 11 class, the loco, by now renumbered 21, (the next number in the steam locomotive roster) was fitted with automatic couplers and became the tippler shunter at Burnie. It continued in this role, under both EBR and Tasrail ownership, until it was withdrawn in mid 2001. It was then sold to the Derwent Valley Railway, and the loco was delivered under its own power to the DVR operating base at New Norfolk in a marathon trip in July 2001, although the loco has not operated trains since



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PVH1 2121  

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EBR outline diagram for loco 21
PVH1 approaching Farrell Siding with an empty ore train, probably in the late 1950s
PVH1 waits at Farrell Siding with an empty ore train, probably in the late 1950s
Number 21 shunts concentrate wagons through the rotary tippler at the Emu Bay Railway yard, Burnie,
No. 21 rests in Burnie yard between trains, February 1985
Its duties for the week over, No. 21 rests outside the Emu Bay Railway's workshops in Burnie, Novemb
Emu Bay Railway plate and North British Locomotive company builders plate on EBR No. 21, September 1
In January 1999, Number 21 shunts yet another rake of concentrate wagons through the rotary tippler
No. 21 undergoes maintenance work at the Derwent Valley Railway, December 2004
The main control desk of Emu Bay Railway locomotive No. 21, as preserved at the Derwent Valley Railw


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